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Selecting disks of 250 GB, approximately 230 GB of space will be available. During the disk selection it's important to remember that the operating system and management panel will occupy about 35 GB.
With the smallest disks, you'll have just under 200 GB available. Please keep in mind that some space will be taken up by logs and e-mails.

It's worth selecting disks of at least 500 GB - the price difference is small and it's good to have extra space.

Larger disks are usually chosen based on the current usage of disk space.

If you're unsure about choosing the capacity feel free to contact us at: - we'll assist you in selecting the disk size - we're available 24/7.

DirectAdmin: the ability to change the PHP version is limited to choosing the PHP version from among 4 permanent PHP versions. To be able to change the PHP version to whatever you want, we recommend using CloudLinux.
cPanel: the ability to change the PHP version to any of all PHP versions installed on the server.
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Payment period:  monthly
Server:  WooCommerce S1 (Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 3,6/4.0 GHz)
RAM:  16 GB
Discs:  2x 250GB SSD
Hosting panel:  DirectAdmin: 2 accounts, 20 domains
Administration:  basic
Operating system:  CentOS 7.x
Additional options:
Installation fee: +20 €
 Access to the backup storage: 
 Additional backup storage: 
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